Welcome to Kernow Broadband Communications.


We specialise in various types of network technology, from standard server-based networks and portable office network systems for small businesses, to full blown global wi-fi hotspots for hotels, public houses and campsites.

Our core businesses is Global Wireless Hotspots for the hospitality industry which gives the host properties the ability to earn an income from both the usage of the hotspot, and by sharing the revenue of the online advertising on our portal pages.

We believe our systems are unique in their versatility - they allow the internet to be accessed by practically any device that has wi-fi capability. This includes laptops and desktops, PDAs and smart phones, and even the Sony PSP. Our systems are already capable of handling streaming video and online TV and are ready for the coming Internet television services.

Our portal pages work as a directory of local services and shops and are supported by paid advertisements from companies.

Wi-fi technology is changing the way people can access the Internet and is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for mobile users. Accessing online resources everywhere and at all times is changing how people view (and use) the Internet both for business and pleasure. Many laptops and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) come with wireless hardware pre-installed, while older models can have the facility added with very little expense.

We can also provide varying types of facilities including a small office network, internet telephony system, the facility to link premises together using VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels allowing the ability to share files and resources quickly and easily.

Whether you have a small B&B, a large hotel, a campsite or a conference centre, our system will cover all possible areas of your premises. We can integrate the wireless system with your existing internet setup, or provide a full telecommunications package tailored to your requirements.